What we do

Provide services and build applications for financial advisers and insurers to make their day to day work life as easy as possible.


Unitysure allows you to efficiently manage your whole fact-gathering process, giving you more time to focus on clients and building your business.

PreAssess Hero

PreAssess Hero empowers underwriters and advisers to put more policies in force by prioritising accurate, faster and more accountable pre-assessments

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Features and benefits for Financial Advisers

Unified platform with 10 life insurers

Tailored questions based on your clients unique circumstances

Leading to the best pre-assessment outcomes for your clients

Pre-assessment tracking and reporting

Faster turnaround times

Instant file notes, team collaboration

API’s to integrate into your fact-find and CRM

Features and benefits for insurers

Unified platform for underwriters, BDM’s, underwriting managers and financial advisers

Protect more customers with fully accountable and trackable pre assessments

Reduce costs, Improved productivity

Team collaboration

Pre-assessment progress management

API’s to integrate into your policy management platform


How it works

The adviser submits a preassessment request to one or multiple insurers on a button click

The underwriter provides a swift response to the request.

The adviser would be able to evaluate multiple responses at the same time to make better decisions for their customers.

Enjoy these incredible features

Quick pre-assessment responses

Multiple pre-assessment submissions at the same time

One unified platform for the financial adviser and Life insurers

Clear and accurate pre-assessment details

Efficient monitoring and tracking of
pre-assessment requests



Specific Dynamic Questions N/A N/A
Secure Submission
Secure Document Submission
Detailed Tracking
Audit Log and Timeline Limited
Download Underwriter Responses
Select Insurer (APL) N/A N/A
Setup and Select Underwriter N/A N/A
Invite and Manage Team members N/A N/A
My Dashboard Limited
My Teams Dashboard N/A
Search and Categorise N/A
API Access (Integration) N/A
Underwriter Setup N/A N/A
Invite Financial Advisers N/A N/A
Underwriting File Notes N/A N/A
BDM Setup and Access N/A N/A
BDM Dashboard N/A N/A
BDM File Notes N/A N/A
Default Settings N/A
Out of office N/A
Underwriting Manager Team Settings and Management N/A N/A
Underwriting Manager Dashboard N/A N/A
Underwriting Manager Performance Reporting N/A N/A
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